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Price and Delivery Date
One odorant material / one sample is 196,000 JPY
Normally, there are several odorant materials to be identified, in view of our past analyses.
In that case, it will be priced as follows;
For the First odorant material : its price is included in 196,000 JPY.
For the Second one : 30,000 JPY to be added.
For the Third one and the next ones : each 20,000 JPY to be added.
For example, four odorant matters are found.
196,000 JPY + 30,000 JPY + 20,000 JPY + 20,000 JPY = 266,000 JPY
Total amount is 266,000JPY
As least 14-working days are required to confirm such identification.
We make a quick report an average of 17 days later which after we receive the sample.
We will prepare a quick report within around 17-working days after we received the sample.
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